Stay One Step Ahead of Security Threats with our Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Introducing our micro-controller-based walk-through metal detector, featuring advanced SMD technology that enhances the precision of metal detection. With auto-set calibration, this detector eliminates the need for manual settings once it’s switched on, ensuring hassle-free operation.


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26 Long Years of Technical Experience in Security Detecting and Electronic Equipment

At SIDDHI EQUIPMENTS®, we are all dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction by offering top-notch items with the most up-to-date technology & the highest level of quality


Our in-house R&D staff is creative and motivated, and they are ready to introduce many more cutting-edge items in the upcoming years. Every assembly stage’s trained staff is aware of the need of doing things correctly the first time. At all intermediate stages, the product quality is guaranteed by the quality assurance system.

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We manufacture quality and durable products

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Design, Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Sales, Installation, Commissioning and services of Metal detectors and Security equipment

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Our products are used in Defense services, Police establishments, Industrial security, Banks, Shopping malls & Security services

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Secure your Entryways with the Self-Locking Motorized Automatic Swing Barrier

The Automatic Swing Barrier offers motorized operation with a self-locking gearbox and a BLDC drive. It provides bi-directional control, effectively preventing tailgating and wrong entry. With LED lights for clear indication, it ensures seamless access. 

Advanced SMD Technology for Accurate Metal Detection: Hand Held Metal Detector Validator

The Hand Held Metal Detector Validator is a compact and powerful device that effectively detects minute quantities of gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, mild and stainless steel. It utilizes advanced SMD technology, providing ultra-high sensitivity and stability. 

Versatile Protection: Metal Detection for 600/800/1000 mm Conveyor Belts

Introducing our Conveyor Belt Metal Detector with a hand-held Validator, designed for 600/800/1000 mm conveyor belts. It features an oval sensor coil for precise metal detection, a weatherproof IP65 grade control unit, a reset switch & relay output for quick and reliable alerts, and convenient mains cord and sensor cable lengths of 3m and 5m, respectively.


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