9 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector – CHEKPOST-900



Power Supply

230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz

Overall Dimensions

2155 X 870 X 540 mm

Passing Clearance

1950 X 755 X 540 mm

Floor Space Required

870 X 540 mm

Operating Temperature

0 – 50°C


  • Microcontroller Based With Advance SMD Technology, Enhances The Precision In Metal Detection.
  • Auto-Set Calibration, No Setting Is Required Once The Metal Detector Is Switched ON.
  • Detects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals.
  • Detector Is Continuously Active, No Metal Can Be Tossed Without Detection.
  • Infrared Occupancy Sensors For Traffic Counter (IN/OUT/NET).
  • Digitally Controlled Sensitivity, Threshold & Volume.
  • Independent Sensitivity Setting Of Each Zone.
  • Self Test Program, System Fault Indicator Provided.
  • Battery Backup For Memory Protection.
  • Zone Display On Side Panels Of The Frame Along The Length.
  • Multi-Tone Audio / Visual Indication For Metal Detection.
  • LCD Display For Messages, Time, Date And Intelligent Counter.
  • Tactile Keypad For Parameter Settings With Password Protection.
  • Walk/Stop Indicators, Both On Front And Back To Regulate Flow Of Traffic.
  • Plug In Type PCB Assemblies For Easy Maintenance.
  • Safe for Pregnant women.

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The detection coil structure is designed in such a way that it enhances the metal detection process compared to the conventional single zone metal detectors. Metal location on a body of a person is reliably displayed at each zone indication on the side panels. If metal is present in more than one zone, then all the zones with metal are displayed on the representative zone symbol provided on the front panel as well as on the side panels & the zone with the peak metal is displayed on the bar graph. The detection coil and the microcontroller based control module are housed in an aesthetically designed state-of-the-art door-frame which can blend into any sophisticated décor. The Door-frame is designed for quick installation. Walk / Stop indicators above the entrance, both on front and back side, regulate the flow of traffic. All the password protected controls and audio-visual indications are provided on the top of the rear side of the door-frame.

Sensitivity of each zone can be set separately to get uniform sensitivity at each zone. Microprocessor technology ensures fast, reliable and precise data processing and operation. Detects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which may be concealed on a person.

SIDDHI Metal Detectors are backed by prompt and effective after-sales service supported by a team of trained efficient engineers. The minimum downtime is achieved by plug-in card assembly system and readily available standardized spares.


  • Low level 1-3 : For security check purpose, objects like fire arms, grenades, etc.
  • Optimum level 4-6 : For high security prone area, small size weapons, arms and ammunitions, etc.
  • High level 7-9 : For small objects of size 25 mm side cube of ferrous metals like iron.