Single Zone Walk Through Metal Detector – CHEKPOST SZ-110-P



Power Supply

230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz

Overall Dimensions

2200 X 870 X 540 mm

Passing Clearance

1950 X 755 X 540 mm

Floor Space Required

870 X 540 mm

Operating Temperature

0 – 50°C


  • Micro-Controller Based With Advanced SMD Technology, Enhances The Precision In Metal Detection.
  • Auto-Set Calibration, No Setting Is Required Once The Metal Detector Is Switched ON.
  • Detects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals, Conductive Metal Alloys And Weapons.
  • Ultra High Sensitivity With Wide Range up to 9 Levels, Settable Through Tactile Keys.
  • Multi-Tone Audio / Visual Indication For Metal Detection.
  • Walk / Stop Indicators, On Front Side To Regulate The Flow Of Traffic.
  • Plug In Type PCB Assemblies For Easy Maintenance.
  • Weather Proof Material Used For The Panels & Control Unit For Outdoor Use, Canopy For Rain Water Protection (Optional).
  • LCD Display For Messages And Intelligent Counter (IN/OUT/NET).
  • No False Alarm For External Disturbances.
  • Tactile Keypad For Parameter Settings With Password Protection.
  • Mains / Battery Operated With In-Built Battery Charger
  • Safe for Pregnant women.

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SIDDHI walk-through type of Door Frame Metal Detector is designed to detect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which may be concealed on a person in any conceivable manner. The detection coil and the micro-controller based control module are housed in an aesthetically designed state-of-the-art archway which can blend into any sophisticated décor. The Door-frame is designed for quick installation and erection. Walk / Stop indicators above the entrance, regulate the flow of traffic. All the password protected controls and audio-visual indications are provided on the top of the rear side of the door-frame. SIDDHI Metal Detectors are backed by prompt and effective after-sales service supported by a team of trained efficient engineers. The minimum downtime is achieved by plug-in card assembly system and readily available standardized spares.


  • Low level 1-3 : For security check purpose, objects like fire arms, grenades, etc.
  • Optimum level 4-6 : For high security prone area, small size weapons, arms and ammunitions, etc.
  • High level 7-9 : For small objects of size 25 mm side cube of ferrous metals like iron.